Wendy Russell-Rayner - Registered Osteopath, Bedford
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Registered Osteopath, Bedford
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Sports Clinic

We are a clinic treating athletes of all abilities from top-level sports men and women to fun runners. Our expertise in preventive sports medicine and applied biomechanics has attracted clients from all over the UK. Many of our clients are referred by other physiotherapists, osteopaths and other health professionals.

If you suffer with foot, ankle, knee, hip or back pain we can diagnose the cause of the pain, stop your pain and more importantly prevent it from happening again. We have a particular interest in overuse athletic injuries and preventing long term damage. We have specialist equipment for diagnosis and treatment of injury.

Picture of Wendy with PatientAthletes often train and compete through pain. It has been shown that overuse injury and damaged joints can lead to osteoarthritis in later life.

Our sports clinic combines sound biomechanical experience and clinical knowledge with the latest computer technology. Wendy Russell-Rayner is a registered osteopath and university foot biomechanics tutor. She will make a full structural assessment of your joints, muscles and ligaments of the feet, knees, hips and spine to assess your weak spots and areas of the body subject to stresses, strains and pain. This examination is often the first indication patients have of a problem area. We can help you prevent further damage occur. We believe our structural assessment is the most detailed analysis available in the country and vital to the accuracy of your treatment plan.

We also study gait analysis (body movement) by video, to discover abnormal movements that can produce high stresses in joints and muscles, which can result in injury. Once the cause of the problem is established,

We examine the way you move and run by video gait analysis. We make a frame by frame examination of your movements. You can then understand our diagnosis and the purpose of treatment. Gait analysis is an important tool in accurate diagnosis of muscle imbalance and abnormal movement producing high stresses in joints and muscles in sporting activity.

Picture of person on treadmillWe use the latest technology, a state of the art computer system to accurately measure pressure distribution in your feet. Our computer scans your feet and measures pressure distribution in the most accurate way. We measure both static pressure distribution and pressure whilst your feet move.

Once the cause of the problem has been identified, we will discuss treatment appropriate for you. This may include exercises you can do at home, osteopathic treatment or some prescription orthotics. We make your temporary prescription orthotics ourselves. You can then see very easily over the next few weeks if we have helped you to eliminate the cause of your pain with the minimum of expense.

If prescription orthotics are right for you we will make you permanent orthotics using our American laboratories. This is because American technology is much more advanced than anything available in Europe. We do not use just one company, but assess which of the available products on the market is the right one for your particular circumstances. We only use companies with the highest standards and reputation.

Our patients are very important to us and many of our patients have come from word of mouth recommendation. We will ensure that you are satisfied and on the rare occasion where needed, our back up service and guarantee is second to none.

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