Wendy Russell-Rayner - Registered Osteopath, Bedford
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Registered Osteopath, Bedford
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Our foot clinic specialises in painful conditions in the feet and lower limb. Most people have tried all other ways to help rid them of painful conditions such as metatarsalgia, heel spur, plantar fasciitis, achilles problems or repeated ankle sprains and other foot, knee, leg, hip and sacro iliac problems. Because of our success we treat patients from all over the United Kingdom. We have even treated people as far away as Australia, who have heard about us from satisfied patients!

Picture of computer technologyOur foot clinic combines sound biomechanical experience and clinical knowledge with the latest computer technology. Wendy Russell-Rayner is a registered osteopath and university foot biomechanics tutor. She will make a full structural assessment of your joints, muscles and ligaments of the feet, knees, hips and spine to assess your weak spots and areas of the body subject to stresses, strains and pain. If necessary she can study gait analysis (body movement) by video, to discover abnormal movements that can produce high stresses in joints and muscles, which can result in injury. Once the cause of the problem is established, she diagnoses areas of the feet absorbing too much pressure using the latest computer technology. Our computer scans your feet and measures pressure distribution in the most accurate way.

Picture of Sports Orthotic InsoleOnce the cause of the problem has been identified, she will discuss treatment appropriate for you. This may include exercises you can do at home, osteopathic treatment or some prescription orthotics. We make your temporary prescription orthotics ourselves. You can then see very easily over the next few weeks if we have helped you to eliminate the cause of your pain with the minimum of expense.

FootscanIf prescription orthotics are right for you we will make you permanent orthotics using our American laboratories. This is because American technology is much more advanced than anything available in Europe. We do not use just one company, but assess which of the available products on the market is the right one for your particular circumstances. We only use companies with the highest standards and reputation.

Our patients are very important to us and many of our patients have come from word of mouth recommendation. We will ensure that you are satisfied and on the rare occasion where needed, our back up service and guarantee is second to none.

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