Wendy Russell-Rayner - Registered Osteopath, Bedford
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Registered Osteopath, Bedford
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Conditions we Treat

Each phase of life has its own aches, pains and difficulties. At the Putnoe Osteopathic Practice we treat a wide variety of conditions and all types of people from pregnant mothers, children and babies to the elderly and sports people.

Commonly treated conditions are joint pain such as arthritis and all pain in muscles, ligaments or nerves. This includes back pain, sciatica, sports injuries and repetitive strain.

If you do not have aches and pains we can offer you a structural health check. This involves checking each of your joints and muscles to establish any weak points or stressed areas of which you may be unaware. We can then give you advice of how to strengthen these areas and prevent any future problems

Picture of Parent with childAt the Osteopathic Practice we are specialists in foot problems. Poor foot mechanics can cause pain in your feet ankles, knees, hips, back or neck. We are able to produce custom made insoles where required. Our insoles involve taking precise measurements of your feet and making them to fit you, so that they eliminate stresses and strains without further damaging the feet or body. We will not prescribe orthotics without a detailed structural health check, since clinical decisions are made when we identify your weak points.

Please feel free to speak to Wendy Russell-Rayner on 01234 294954 if you wish further information or advice about your pain or discomfort and whether osteopathy is right for you: or you could email us here:
Email: wendy.russell-rayner@achingback.co.uk

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