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Leaky Gut Test (Gastrointestinal Permeability Test) by Post

A 'leaky gut' occurs when the lining of the small intestine is compromised or damaged by bacterial overgrowth or yeast or fungal infection. The cell walls of the small intestine become damaged and 'leaky'. This allows a pathway to substances that would not normally enter the bloodstream. The body may view these foodstuffs or other substances (such as candida) as 'foreign' or as a pathogen. Swirling clumps of an immune chemical known as immunoglobulin IgG, together with white blood cells and the pathogen pass through the bloodstream settling into joints and all parts of the body, which inflames.

Weight gain, bloating, water retention, fatigue and joint pain can result. Many conditions such as fibromyalgia,
candida, irritable bowel and arthritic conditions can occur.

This test measures your urinary clearance before and after drinking a liquid containing a known ratio of two sugars,
lactulose and mannitol. The result will indicate whether the small intestine has increased permeability, or 'leaky walls',
or whether there is malabsorption in your digestive system.

We can advise you on leaky gut repair.

PRICE £59 including return postage and packing. On receipt of your order we will despatch
the test kit to you within 24 hours. Payment is sent by cheque when you return the samples
to the laboratory in the prepaid envelope


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