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Candida Test by Post

Symptoms of candida include fatigue, abdominal pain, bloating, wind and diahorrhea and constipation. Other symptoms can include food cravings, (especially for sugar and bread,) or, a 'spaced out' feeling' and becoming tipsy on small quantities of alcohol. The candida organism is a yeast, which is often present in the vagina causing persistent thrush. The candida can form root like growths which penetrate the intestinal walls causing a 'leaky gut'.

This allows a pathway to substances that would not normally enter the bloodstream. The body may view these
foodstuffs or other substances (such as candida) as 'foreign' or as a pathogen. Swirling clumps of an immune
chemical known as immunoglobulin IgG, together with white blood cells and the candida pass through the
bloodstream settling into joints and all parts of the body, which inflames. This leads to an overwhelming infestation of
candida in the body and is known as candidiasis.

This profile also includes testing for parasitic infections, such as giardia lamblia This is because the signs and
symptoms of parasitic infection or candida infection can be very similar. The laboratory will culture your sample and
test the resistance of the pathogen against commonly used antibiotics and natural remedies, so that you will know
how to best treat your condition.

You can test whether candida or parasites are present in the gut by means of a stool test, which you can take in the
comfort of your own home. This test will indicate the presence of yeast infections (including candida) and any other
pathogens. It will also give a breakdown of imbalanced flora, beneficial and pathogenic bacteria present in the gut.

PRICE £129 including return postage and packing. On receipt of your order we will despatch
the test kit to you within 24 hours. Payment is sent by cheque when you return the samples
to the laboratory in the prepaid envelope


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